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12-05-2002, 09:32 PM
Well guys it looks like my parents have pulled the wool over me. :'( The told me today that they had ordered a 2003 Ram 3500 4x4 SWB Laramie in October from Jim Hall at Bossier Country in Texas and we’re picking up the truck tomorrow from a local dealership ;D They had me believing that they were thinking of purchasing a truck for a couple of months already and just now admitted their secret. My father has asked me to put in a recommendation for Jim Hall to all of you here. He said Jim is the best salesman he has ever dealt with and is willing to work with anyone no matter what, but would extend the best possible deal to people from DTR and DieselTruckResource. My father completed the deal all over the phone and just received all the paperwork for the truck and will be sending it back tomorrow. He said that this has been the easiest vehicle purchase he has ever done. So if any of you are thinking of purchasing a new Dodge give Jim Hall a call at 1-800-Bossier and tell him that Joe Silva sent you. I'll update you tomorrow when we get the truck how it is.

Joe Jr.

12-10-2002, 12:48 AM
Well guys I finally got some time to tell you how my parents and I are liking the truck along with some pics. The truck is way smoother and feels a lot stronger than my 95. My parents love the truck but my mother is afraid to drive it for some reason. I think she's a little intimidated with its size but oh well I guess. Truck has been returning a constant 17.5mpg - 22mpg on its first tank of fuel. One thing I've noticed with the new truck is that the steering is light years ahead of the older models. On center feel and steering wonder is nonexistant. Another aspect that surprised me was the sheer weight of the truck. At the local big truck scale "Blue" was #7,700 pounds with a full tank of fuel and me in it #200. Well anyways here is some pics of the truck taken from the Dodge website. I don't have a digital camera so actual pics are out of the question but the truck is identical to one shown minus the bed cover. Before I forget I thought I'd give you some numbers on the truck before any rebates or special promotions or taxes and fees.

MSRP: 42,995
Price Paid:37,125

Robert Venable
06-07-2003, 03:17 AM
What Gear was it dynoed in?

06-07-2003, 05:20 PM
Holy crap here I am reading this and not seeing the date. Figured it took 9 months to get an ordered truck and this is a good dealership....lol... [eyecrazy]

06-08-2003, 02:43 PM
it took 8 weeks from order date to take home date for me, and i`m in NY

06-08-2003, 03:05 PM
Parents: 03 3500 QC H.O. 6-Sp 4x4 Patriot Blue Laraime, Heated Seats, 3.73gears, Factory Bed Liner, Mopar Mud Guards, Tinted Windows, Dynoed 232.2HP/625TQ April 5 <br><br>Must not be a stock truck eh?

Robert Venable
06-08-2003, 06:07 PM
With those numbers, it looks as if it was in 4th gear instead of 5h gear (direct drive) which I've seen most vehicles dynoed at. Being in an underdriven gear like 4th gear would give you these higher torque ratings with lower HP ratings, just as it is in his signature.

06-09-2003, 10:08 AM
Sorry guys been offline for awhile. Now it's time to clear things up :). <br><br>1. Parents ordered the truck October 4 and received the truck December 3 so I don't think the wait was excessively long...he..he<br><br>2. The truck was dynoed at Colorado Diesel in Castle rock at the RMTDR dyno day. The truck is completely stock and the dyno was run in 5th gear. Another truck with the same configuration put out 235hp/635Tq, but I don't know if the dyno is accurate or not since I don't have any experience with them. <br><br>So I hope that cleared things up for you, but if not please feel free to ask more questions<br> 8) ???<br><br>Joe

06-09-2003, 10:18 AM
so the trucks are makeing more TQ than Dodge says they do ???<br>DM01

Robert Venable
06-09-2003, 01:57 PM
Well, you still have torque multiplication threw the rear end gears, but I guess you could be more acurate by saying that they are loseing less power than is normal. But then again I remeber Truck Trend doing a comparison of the the Duramax, 7.3 and Cummins and if I remeber right Dodge has almost always had more torque at the rear wheels than claimed at the motor. And it showed in that test also. It also said that both the manual transmissioend Ford and Dodge had over 300 Ft lbs of torque at the wheels in 1st gear while idling.

06-10-2003, 09:10 AM
Well, after speaking with my cousin and friend that went to the dyno day with their trucks here are some additional numbers from their trucks...<br><br>Cousin: 2002 Q.C SWB HO 6-Speed 3.54, stock except for an Amsoil air filter, 12,000 miles: 209.2Hp/567Tq<br><br>Friends: 2001 Q.C. LWB Auto, 3.54, stock except for a K&amp;N air filter, 21,000 miles: 195hp/505Tq<br><br>I have almost all the results from the dyno day on video tape. So if you guys want me to post the numbers I have let me know and I'll find the tape and post the numbers. Also, if want me to post the dyno sheets of my dads 03, my cousins 02, and my friends 01 I could scan them in this weekend and post them...let me know..<br><br>Joe

06-10-2003, 12:57 PM
Are these all rear wheel numbers?? That seems really high for stockers.<br><br>If you are figuring for drive train what are you adding 25% or 30%???

06-10-2003, 01:01 PM
<br>Are these all rear wheel numbers?? That seems really high for stockers.<br><br>If you are figuring for drive train what are you adding 25% or 30%???<br><br><br>These are real wheel numbers according to Colorado Diesel. I thought they're kinda high too seeing some dyno results from other places. I wish I knew more about dynoing that way I could tell if they are accurate or not...<br><br>Joe