View Full Version : Low $$ Fuel filter for 94-98

12-07-2002, 10:28 AM
If you are tired of paying way too much for the stock fuel filter :'( :'(you can replace your &quot;head, fuel filter&quot; with cummins part # 39309669 and the &quot;ADP, hed&quot; with cummins part # 3925955 you then use a LFF-3521 fuel filter. I'm getting these for $5.46 ea This is the filter that the commercial b-series Freightliners are using. (I got my adapter &amp; head thru my local FRT dealer for less than $40.00) You lose the WIF sensor (mine never worked anyway) <br>What started me hunting for a better choice on this was that the drain in the bottom of my filter started sucking air and then leaking fuel. I checked the price of a new drain/WIF assembly and decided that it was too many $$ for what it is.