View Full Version : Interesting tow comparisons (F vs. F)

03-01-2003, 08:19 AM
The truck in my sig is a 1990 F-350 Crew LWB SRW with a 7.3 IDI and an E4OD along with 3.55 rear.<br><br>Yesterday I was making my roughly once every two weeks tow from Sheperd. I tow a 350 Gallon tank trailer and carry two additional 55 gallon drums in the bed. My GVW has got to be somewhere around 12,500#.<br><br>Anyhow I'm traveling the beltway from 59N around to 45S on the east side. Many stop lights. Lotsa a different vehicles BLOW by me.<br><br>Along comes this perhaps '00 or '01 F-350 Crew Dually LWB pulling a pretty big heavy Flatbed Gooseneck EMPTY. It's an all black rig with dark tinted windows. <br><br>It has some sort of straight pipes on it and I hear the right side plainly and it SOUNDS LIKE CRAP!<br><br>But the best part. Leaving stop lights I SMOKED him up to my cruise speed of 60. NO CONTEST. Then he'd catch up and go past making ALL SORTS of nasty noise.... and I'd hear a shift as he went by. (definetly an Auto box).<br><br>What does that poor sucker do when that trailer is loaded???? And WHAT is he doing towing with a rear gear like that?<br><br>Man I just don't know. Good thing my old soldier does just what I ask of it!<br><br>

03-03-2003, 12:53 AM
Your water wieght is 3900# plus 6000-7000# for your truck. So you're right at 12,000# (I don't know what your trailer wieghs), But my truck and 32ft trailer wiegh 14,000# empty. Most hot shotters are running 40ftr's with an empty GVW of 15,000#. I'm guessing you have 8 tires on the ground where as he has 14. You may not believe it but those extra 6 tires add alot of drag. When I was hauling hay from N.M. I would gross 30,000# to 32,000# and let me tell you that 2,000# was a big diff.<br> P.S. you are right, Powerstrokes with staight pipes do sound sick [yuk].

03-05-2003, 09:04 AM
Actually I have six tires on the ground (to be rectified pretty soon!).<br><br>That thing sounded sicker than just straight pipes.... maybe it was a 6.0 with a bad injector or three???<br><br>