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11-07-2002, 01:06 PM
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Iím trying for formulate the right question here, so bear with me. All things being equal, I would probable buy an HO 6 spd over the SO automatic (heck, theyíre about the same price). But the SO is clearly plenty of engine for my needs. Since there seems to be a production hold on the SO w/auto, and there donít seem to be any SO automatic 2WDs in the region that arenít the wrong color interior (wife will not tolerate taupe!), I will likely have to order the truck. Iím not too adverse to the auto, since I plan on keeping the truck stock and tow a relatively light load. <br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;What Iím lookiní fer here is a little advice other than the auto wonít last and the manual will. I understand the longevity argument. I drove an auto yesterday, it performed well, and well, Iím getting lazy. But I am concerned about efficiency and assume the 5 speed will get better milage. Also, I noticed that with overdrive off, the truck was turning about 2000 Ė 2100 rpm to make 50 mph.<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Does the 5 speed give one a 2 Ė 3 mpg advantage over the auto?<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Does one have to tow with overdrive off with the auto (I would think not with a light load?)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Is my perception correct that given 4th on the auto is .67 and 5th on the manual is .75 that I can run uphill longer with the manual before downshifting is necessary?<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sorry if these questions reflect my automotive ignorance, but Iím trying to become an educated diesel buyer! <br><br>Jim<br>2002 QC 1500 4.7L (hoping thatíll change soon to a 2003 QC CTD!)<br>

11-07-2002, 02:04 PM
Welcome to the forum soundbrz. Your question is often asked by prospective owners and transcends model years. I would recommend that you examine your daily drive if you intend to use it for that. After all, you'll probably be spending more time and mileage doing that than pulling a trailer on vacations. Is it a stop and go trip? I did one of them for years and it got old real quick. Will your companion/spouse/domestic partner share in the driving and do they know a manual? My wife hates shifting and that was the primary reason I got an auto. I like my auto but can appreciate the benefits that a manual tranny offers. I just prefer the the auto. It's more.......hmmm...civilized? Is that a legitimate reason? It's certainly not laziness as some may argue. I've put nearly 200 K behind a manual tranny so I appreciate both. Until someone else chimes in, I can offer to you that most of the time, you do not need to run with the OD off. Unless you manual shift like a posessed maniac, it's easier to keep the turbo on &quot;burn&quot; with an auto. Plus you can easily beef up your auto transmission with a number of aftermarket modifications, so longevity is resolved. I guess you can see which way I lean. As a note, I've heard that the 3.73 (?) rear is that one to get if you do both loaded and unloaded driving. Maybe Phil or Fiver will chime in as I thinkthey both do a lot of pulling. Whatever you go with, you're gonna smile, I guarantee it! <br><br>-Tom-

11-07-2002, 02:47 PM
Commatoze,<br><br>Probably Phil can give us the best info on pulling with the diesel. Most of my pulling (other than driving friends rigs) has been with the V10 with auto. It did OK, but my fiver is just too big for that engine - - had to kick it out of overdrive on anything over 3%. <br><br>I have not had time to get the new HO rigged yet. Can't wait to put that 16000# back there and see what happens. I did go with the 4.10 to gain the towing and rating advantages. I just have about 800 on her now (all solo) and I am very pleased with the mileage. The power is unbelievable for a stocker. At 60, if you push it down to move into traffic to pass, you better make sure you are fully out from behind the car in front - - you will be in their trunk. Wow, it is up to 75 before you can look down, see what is happening and pull your foot back off. I was a little leary of the 4.10 and solo running - - until this trip. I am very happy with the feel, the sound, and response of the truck. Sure a different animal than the V10.<br><br>As for the 6 speed, the ratios are going to great for towing. Running solo I obviously skip 1. I will run 2 to 4 if I am accellerating fairly rapidly, but do not like the feel in skipping 5. I do not like running the rpms up for no reason (and solo is not a reason). If you don't run them up in 4, I feel it is lugging it down too much to go straight to six. The feel of the clutch and the shifting is very tight and smooth. I like it.<br><br>Overall, for my needs of towing such a big fiver, this combo feels like it is going to be perfect.<br><br>Bob

11-07-2002, 03:04 PM
Well here are my thoughts. If you are going with an auto get the 4.10 gears no question about it. Have a 2000 with 4.10's and a 2001 with 3.55's, both get the same milage if you can believe that. The 4.10's pull great in overdrive, the 3.55's you are always takin it out to make the hills. This is all done pulling about 9,000#. Have made the trip to CA and back twice, thats 10,000 total mile pullin that same weight, no problems at all, ran it 24 hours straight going out the second time and it didn't miss a beat.<br><br>So I have no problem with the auto, going the manual this round because I want to pull a doublem thats about 17,000#, so some motor tweaking will be in order, that is the reason for the 6 speed in the new truck.