View Full Version : Do-it-yourself bedliners?

10-07-2002, 10:07 PM
Anyone try anything like Herculiner? Similar to spray in bedliners, but you roll it on. Quite a bit cheaper than having it done. I want it done for my '03, but I'm looking to save a buit of $$$.

Glenns 2ed
10-07-2002, 10:18 PM
There is another company with a similur product out but the name escapes me right now but it is about 1/2 the price of the herc sorry i cannot remember the name maybe someone else has it ??

10-07-2002, 10:21 PM
This is a do it your selfer. Eight bucks a can from Advance Auto. Not real heavy but I never haul anything in the bed anyway, I have two trailers for hauling. I think we used 10 cans or so. <br>Ryan got his truck done at Black Mountain Diesel while we were there a few weeks ago and it looked very good. Might call them to get a price.

10-08-2002, 10:36 PM
Thanks for the endorsement, dieseldude ! ;D Not a big fan of bedliner-in-a-can, since I'm a dealer in the spray-on stuff, of course. But I know it does have it's niche in the market, as we have ours. Somebody posted (I think it was on the TDR?) that Line-X has their stuff in cans now. No idea if that's so. <br> The Perma-Tech that we sell is more $$$ compared to a drop-in, or do-it-yourself, but it's also thicker, offers better protection, is guaranteed not to peel, and has UV protection built-in, not sprayed as a topcoat for extra cost, like other brands, so it's worth the $$$ if you want those features. <br> Given my experience, I'd do the can stuff before I paid for a spray-on that utilized a hopper-feed spray gun, we've seen that many of those can take days, even weeks, to dry, and lose their tackiness.(beware, not all systems are created equal)<br> So whichever way you go, you got some homework to do, there is a wide disparity of quality and price in this market. And many have said that the quality of the bedliner is often dependent on the applicator/technician. <br> We do not use less than 5 gallons of material, so as to give our customers their money's worth. Each truck gets treated like it was our own. There are few things as satisfying as seeing how happy customers are when you have finished helping them with their truck...