View Full Version : Diesel Performance Motorsports DHRA Division 2 Bradenton Results

04-07-2003, 03:12 PM
Great turn-out and Bradenton Motorsports Park really treated us well. The track had a great surface and it was prepped well, but either due to heat, wind, or something, everyone was down a few notches on MPH and up on ET. <br><br>Congrats go out to Wayne Cole and his very sharp black 1999 2500. Wayne turned it on and virtually left nothing on the table running a 14.213 @ 96.27 MPH on a 14.20 dial. Wayne's .502 light was just the icing on the cake. The numbers were: <br><br>Dial-In = 14.20 <br>Reaction Time = .502 <br>60' = 2.380 <br>330 = 6.199 <br>1/8 = 92.69 @ 79.57 mph <br>1000 ft = 11.945 <br>1/4 = 14.213 @ 96.27 mph <br><br>Jeff Garmon's official World Record attempt for DHRA Pro Diesel was recorded at 10.898 @ 122.85. The numbers were: <br><br>60' = 1.557 <br>330 = 4.487 <br>1/8 = 6.939 @ 99.74 mph <br>1000 = 9.081 <br>1/4 = 10.898 @ 122.85 <br><br>We had some fast trucks out there, some really good races, and only &quot;breakage&quot; done was a blown off intercooler boot. <br><br>I'll get the results together and get them to Eric and up on the DPM site. <br><br>I would like to thank Randy Cobb and Mike Batterson for putting in the time teching and just generally helping out; Garmon's Diesel Performance for sponsoring a $100 cash prize for each, quickest Ford and Dodge in competition, and most important everyone that came out to either race or watch. This is only the beginning of something really cool. As DHRA grows, so will the fun.<br>