View Full Version : DHRA Shelbyville Pull, Scheid wins MOD, Severson Takes SUPERSTREET!

10-02-2005, 08:36 AM
DHRA held its season finally points Sled Pull tonight in Shelbyville, Ky.
The house was packed, stands full, and back lot full of pulling trucks.

First up was the Super Street Class which featured hooks from Scheids Brad Ingram "One Bad Habit" , "Off Constantly"-Curt Haisley, Razors Edge (Straley) etc.
TDR's very own Craig Severson's EEP maxed out and nearly put it in the dirt mound at the end of the track during the first(test) hook of the class.
Craig came back around later after the sled had been re-adjusted to take the win against a twin charged truck with his single equipped P7100'd 24v!
Congrats Craig! [coffee]

Next up was the DHRA Street class.
Pullers like Gullet, Mahoney, George Peterson, Terry Coppess, Tracy Moore, Joe Carter, "Black Widow"
This was a pretty close class.
Chris Harness (Haisley Machine) (Auto equipped!) took the win (someone correct me if I am wrong!).

Next up was the HOT Modified class.
This was the event of the night!
In attendance: Chris Watson's "Smokin" Ford, Erik Stacey, Eric Stingley,
Haisleys Rock Hard Ram, Terry Martin, Scheids Kent Crowder.

Kent took the win in this class! (only full pull in the class IIRC) All pullers did an excellent job!

After that was done Frank and the DT466 equipped pulling truck made an exhibition pass (no change to the sled) and was stopped around the 270' mark.

This was probably one of the best pulls of the year.
Facility was awesome, drive was close for me (only 1 hour 45 minutes), crowd was ready for truck pulling, food was good! DHRA was there in full effect.

Thanks to all for putting on a good show!