View Full Version : Antrim Diesel Open house/Dyno Event 2011 May 7th

04-10-2011, 06:19 AM
Antrim Diesel Dyno/Open House 2011

We at Mason-Dixon TDC extend our invitation to all diesel enthusiasts to participate in the 2011 Antrim Diesel Dyno/Open House/BBQ.

The Dates

Saturday May 7th Rain Or Shine 9am start time

The Place

Antrim diesel Service
47 Commerce Avenue Greencastle, PA 17225
Phone: 717-597-7963/7964/7965

The Cost

$75 for 3 spins with HP/TQ readings.

The Dyno

Mustang MD-1750 Dual Eddy

This event will include both big rigs and pick up truck dynoing simultaneously on seperate dyno's. We will be awarding top 5 HP pick up trucks with trophies. We will be limited to 20 pickup trucks due to the amount of activity happening, as this is an established big rig event covered by Large car Mag and other's. The pick ups were added this year due to the amount of interest and we would like to test the water so to speak. This event will give us an idea of staffing and other things we may need to know for future events.

The dyno and bay is set up to accept dually trucks as well as stack equiped trucks, so no need for removel of either.

If interested please post or PM me your name and truck info as this will assest us with speeding up the dynoing registration if I can install your info on a file in the dyno.

Thankyou from the staff at Antrim Diesel Service and the Mason Dixon Turbo Diesel Club. We hope you can attend this great event !!

Here is a flyer for the big rig portion of the event....