View Full Version : 99 1500 to 12 valve swap

10-04-2009, 07:39 PM
Hey guys, i have a mint 99 sport extended cab short bed with 8.5" lift, 35s etc.... anyway, i am buying a parts truck and swapping it over to a 12 valve diesel. the truck is more for show and play, so the half ton frame will be fine. anyway, im going to use the axles, auto tranny t-case and motor from the parts truck. my question is with the obd2 system. What year did the cummins truck use obd2? Also, i know i will need the ecm, and it should plug right into my truck. Can i just leave all the wiring on the motor and just unplug and undo the grounds from the frame and cab, then swap everything over and just re-plug in the ecm, and connect the grounds? im leaving my dash alone, and not going to run a wait to start light, as i will be able to hear the grid heaters kick on and off. My only concern is with the obd2 system working correctly for inspection. any thoughts on this?